Is it Really Possible to Travel Full Time?

Want to know how I travel as much as I do? The answer is fairly, simple: I work hard and set attainable goals for myself. Blogging is just one aspect of my travels around the world. Here, we’ll look at some of the ways you can start living a fulfilling life travelling around the world. It involves building a proper savings, having a plan for travelling, and making a decision to live the lifestyle.


It’s very inexpensive to travel, but it’s very pricey to vacation. If you follow that philosophy, you can see a lot of the world. First, build a savings account for yourself. No matter how you cut costs, travel does add up. That said, you should have a nice cushion before you decide to leave the country.

Next, learn how to line up inexpensive accommodations. Does it cost less to travel by bus? Yes? Then who cares if it takes longer. Once you live the lifestyle (more on that in a moment), you stop worrying so much about micromanaging your time.


When you travel, plan for work and sightseeing. Make sure you find inexpensive dwellings that allow you to work, as well as come and go as you please. Couch surfing websites are good for that, AirBnB offers a bit more security though.

Take the Plunge

Make the decision to stop staying put. It’s easier than you think, but does involve sacrifice. Get used to living out of a backpack or suitcase, and adopt the most portable lifestyle possible. Technology allows you to do a great deal from just a few devices, so take advantage and hit the road.